SHAMA Series:

05. 10. 15

Putting Fear In the Right Place
Sermon Text: John 12:42-26

What's good, E-College!
This past Sunday's sermon takes a deeper look into the topic of 'fear of man'.  
We were able to examine what 'fear of man' actually is, why we all struggle with it, and how we can overcome it.  

You can download a PDF of Pastor Billy's sermon points RIGHT HERE!  
Also, here is a video that further addresses this topic:

The praise and rejection of man, while opposites, are equally deadly if not responded to properly. This new film is based on Bob Sorge's book, "Dealing with the Rejection and Praise of Man" and explores how we should guard our hearts as we navigate the choppy waters between praise and rejection.

The Father's acceptance is truly unconditional, so let us live fearlessly- knowing who we are in Christ!
Be blessed E-College fam! &Tune in for the next podcast.