LIVE Ministry:

This past Saturday, our very own LIVE ministry went out into the city of Santa Ana to minister to the homeless people and those who are helping the cause.  Homelessness is a palpable, current issue that is so often overlooked.  We see them when we exit freeways; we see them under bridges or sleeping on a bench.  Many times, in our own busyness and maybe even skepticism, we fail to notice that these are living men and women with real stories, and they are in dire need of hope and love that comes from Christ.  

It needs to be us. The bride of Christ needs to be the first to respond.  
As LIVE ministry wages on, let the rest of us (who may not be able to be physically present) intercede for these people.


Here is a glimpse of the faces of the people living in homelessness or helping the cause and their personal prayer requests:

IMG 1.jpg


After being married for 11 years, he divorced his wife. He had a job and an apartment, but he lost both and is now living in the civic center. He has two kids, a 10 year old son and 7 year old daughter, and he visits them frequently- about 3-4 times a week. He is a photographer by trade, and he hopes to get a job in photojournalism.
Please pray: 

  • that he would come to know Jesus as His personal Lord and Savior
  • that he would be able to find a job in photojournalism
  • for his two kids, that they would be healthy and happy
  • for his relationship with his ex-wife, that it would be covered in God's grace.
IMG 2.jpg

Smitty & Don 

Both are part of the civic center round table committee, dedicated to improving the well-being of the homeless.  
Smitty has been on the committee for about a year, and has done a lot of work to help everybody. He is currently participating in a decision to build a shelter in Anaheim. Smitty hopes for more government assistance with provision of facilities (restrooms) and a shelter in Santa Ana!
Don recently came out of an organization that helped him have an important heart surgery and also helped with his recovery. He is also now a part of the roundtable and is hoping to help Smitty while serving the organization that helped him. 
Please pray for Smitty: 

  • that his heart would be opened to Christ and He would know the full love of God, and that the Gospel would be the power behind all his work for Santa Ana!
  • that God would be with Him in the slow process of helping the homeless get the provisions they need. 

Please pray for Don:

  • that He would know God and come to know Jesus through the Gospel!
  • that he would continue to recover well from his heart surgery
  • that God would bless him as he gives back to the organization that helped him so much with his health, and that he would be of great assistance to Smitty as they work together at the roundtable.


52 years old and a comedian from Philadelphia. He hitchhiked to California, and the journey took him about 5 and a half weeks. He is an Irish-Catholic and has a rosary in his bag that he prays with every morning and night. When asked what his prayer requests were, he just asked for peace and blessings for his family and his ex-girlfriend. He is not sure where he is going to go now, but he did mention his thoughts of visiting a monastery. 
Please pray for: 

  • deeper faith and peace in God
  • blessings for his parents and siblings, and ex-girlfriend


He needs a bus pass in order to get to church. He takes a bus from the civic center to the Salvation Army so he can serve there. 
Please pray for:

  • deeper faith in the Lord
  • provision of bus passes so he an go where he needs to go 


No photograph provided---


23 years old, and he has been in Santa Ana for about 2 weeks. When we asked him how he came to Santa Ana, he would not talk much about it. He shared that sometimes he is tempted to get angry with God, but he knows he should not. He was raised in a Catholic family his whole life, and he has adopted the faith through it. 
Please pray for:

  • clarity from the Word of God; that all his doubts and fears and anxieties would be answered with the promises of His Word and reliance upon prayer 
  • safety and provision while he stays out in the civic center 

Let us continue to pray for these people!

LIVE (Living In View of Eternity) Ministry meets twice a month on Saturdays. The mission is to "serve the homeless with a loving and merciful heart, praying that they would know Jesus and that we would see a church without walls in Santa Ana."

For more information, please contact Phoebe Lee at .